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Webster defines success as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. At SPOT, we believe that success is as much an objective standard of measure as it is a feel-good experience. Measuring success ought to be demonstrated by data: facts and figures that illustrate successes, gains, and yes, even losses. By default then, if data is the best indicator of achievement, wouldn’t you want as much as you can get?

Spoiler alert— the answer is a resounding “heck yes.”

That’s why SPOT has built the most customizable, holistic data collection tool out there. There’s really no limit to how much information you can collect, house, or sort. If you think it’s important, we make sure you can find it whenever you need it. With an array of standard forms as well as custom-build forms that allow you to order and prioritize your data needs so you always have an answer to that lingering question of, “Yes, but how much?

SPOT makes it possible to identify how well your project is preforming at any stage in its lifetime. Want to know if you’re off to a good start? SPOT’s data capture technology updates in realtime so you know on day one if it even got off the ground.

Need to provide your boss with a quarterly snapshot that proves you’re on time and under budget? SPOT can populate data in an easy to read form or graph of your choosing that visually proves progress.

Want to prove that your project is still succeeding in light of a brief setback or time delay? Keep your team encouraged and on mission with SPOT’s audit system that identifies missing information or inaccurate inputs in realtime so you can course correct the same day an error is recognized.

All of these inherent features that keep accurate data readily retrievable gives you the power to decide if you are succeeding or not. At SPOT, we believe every project and every customer should have the tools and information that equips them to accomplish their goals. At any point, parameters or filters can be modified to better reflect reality. Should circumstances dictate that the end goal is different than it was at the project’s inception, modify your information requirements to show how your project adapted.

SPOT’s flexibility means you have the data to carry you across the finish line, wherever it may be, no matter how long the race.

SPOT sees your data. SPOT sees you succeed.

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