A first class-safety culture requires first-class safety documentation. At SPOT, we assist your team in making sure your forms and procedures are captured and stored with the appropriate standards. Every record can be summoned at the click of a button, giving you peace of mind in a world of itchy litigation trigger fingers.


Central to SPOT’s success across multiple industries is our ability to deploy our application with minimal training. We pride ourselves on a simple and intuitive interface that allows the most seasoned hands to learn new tricks.


Improve adoption, security and user experience by limiting what certain people see with user groups. Decide which devices can access which forms, so everyone has what they need, and nothing they don’t. Share new forms across all devices, or choose which devices to make them available to.


Big data requires visualization. Using our robust Dashboard mechanism, SPOT provides real-time insight to what matters most to your stakeholders.


Need to know where anything is? We’ve got you covered. SPOT uses the GPS component of the deo capture locations. We can also connect to survey units that have Bluetooth capability.


Capture your tool box meetings information directly into the mobile app. Once completed, this information can be sent directly to both off-site users or anyone with web portal access.


SPOT workflows create a digital accountability system to ensure your data is reliable, complete and assigned to the proper team members. The quickest path to ROI is by automation.


Data without next steps is a dead end. SPOT automation and workflows ensure your team not only captures the right data, but also enforces your process flow by notifying the users required in the next step.


Unlike most alternatives, SPOT lets users start and submit forms offline. As soon as an internet connection is detected, any completed forms will sync automatically.  Life isn’t always sunshine and wifi.

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