SPOT for the Win: PATENTED

It’s official! The US Patent Office has formally issued SPOT a patent for our Super Electrically Conductive Aluminum Foil Shielding Tape, more commonly known as our Jeepable Labels. No more “patent pending” talk – it’s the real deal now, according to US Patent No. 11,443,656. 

If you’re new here, you might be wondering what exactly jeepable labels are and what makes them so special. Well, these labels, particularly in regards to the midstream sector, are jeepable, meaning they can detect defects beneath the label at just 100 volts per mil. In addition, the labels offer greater logistical support, asset tracking, and supply chain management in conjunction with SPOT software. They can even be ordered pre-printed, so you never have to worry with onsite printers!

Furthermore, PHMSA has expressed “no objection” to the use and permanent application of jeepable barcodes. This means that PHMSA agrees that our Jeepable Labels do not need to be removed before a line is burning, which is a huge cost saving and a massive reduction in risk to asset traceability and reliability. Adding to their uniqueness, they’re weather-proof and have the potential to remain in place over the lifetime of a pipeline system (here’s some research to back that up, you know, if you’re into that sort of thing). 

While it might look like your average barcode or QR code sticker on the outside, this label is much more. Watch videos of us testing the labels at and check out other related content, like 3rd party validation, while you’re there!

This patent issuance is such a significant thread in the fabric that is SPOT. These labels walked so SPOT could run! This technology was the starting point for what our software has evolved into, and to have the official stamp of approval from the US Patent Office feels like we’ve come full circle! At SPOT, we believe in providing the best quality product and services. This patent notably strengthens our differentiation among competitors but, most importantly, assures our customers that our product is legitimate and proven – PATENTED!

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