Yard Management

Thousands of assets, hundreds of acres and a non-stop flow of materials in and out is a material manager’s nightmare. With SPOT, you can leverage our simple interface to streamline your inventory management and systematically organize your yard with the ability to track assets, orders, shipments and cycle counts, all from the convenience of your existing hand-held hardware.


Keeping up with BOLs just got simpler– like a lot simpler. Digital files make paper tickets obsolete, keeping you organized with minimal effort and no binders.


SPOT comes with the ability to create dynamic assets equipped with audit trail, order, and shipping functions, and the ability to scan almost any kind of tag.


SPOT incorporates GPS to almost every component and action so you know precisely where your assets are along with a digital breadcrumb trail of everywhere they’ve been. Combined with SPOT’s geofencing capabilities, your team can automatically tag assets with certain categories based on the location of materials.


Barcodes, RFID, NFC, bluetooth tags and more can all conveniently be incorporated into the SPOT platform. Our mobile application is tag friendly, but we don’t have a preference. You don’t even need to get your tags from us. In fact, SPOT can read almost every popular tagging mechanism currently in production.


SPOT is a powerful data acquisition tool with capabilities to integrate with enterprise level software systems. A robust API allows us to push real-time data into our clients secure data centers as well as other best-in-class analysis and storage systems.

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