Asset Data Collection Software


Best-in-Class Project Data Management Software

SPOT’s platform helps you collect and organize data that tells the stories of your projects, programs and issues, so you can make informed business decisions. Our best-in-class technology for data collection offers a cloud-based repository for gathering, evaluating and maintaining your project data.

SPOT Data Platform Features

Our materials management/field data collection software provides:

 Mobile Device Support

  • iPad, iPhone (iOS), Android, Web

 Robust User Experience

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Autosave capabilities and unlimited in-progress work
  • Kiosk mode, repeating form entry mode

Unlimited Data Collection

  • Unlimited forms, submissions and storage

Offline Data Collection

  • No Internet connection required
  • Offline skip logic and rule support
  • Caching of large data sets for form autofill

Skip Logic/Embedded Rules

  • Robust rules engine and smart forms
  • Skip logic and branching
  • Embedded formulas and advanced calculations
  • Formula-based form scoring
  • Custom script rules

Flexible Mobile Form Setup

  • Intuitive, professional-grade form editor
  • No technical experience required
  • Drag-and-drop layout
  • Response layout to work on all devices

Dispatch and Form Routing

  • Dispatch forms (tasks and work orders) to individual users via API, spreadsheet and online wizard
  • Pre-population of form data
  • Caching of larger external data sets for autofill

Customizable Delivery Workflow

  • Conditional rule-based form handoff
  • Conditional alerting based on custom business rules
  • Multi-step approvals
  • Automated data delivery to custom endpoints

Additional Features

  • Robust media capture
  • Custom report mapping
  • External reference data linking
  • GPS and location tracking
  • Subforms and repeating sections
  • Barcode/QR scanning
  • API enterprise-level integrations
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