Use Cases

Regardless of your role, if you need to modernize how you collect data in the field, SPOT has a versatile set of features that make your team accountable, your job easier,and your data accurate.


Every industry has evolving requirements to manage construction and safety standards. SPOT helps build accountability directly into the data collection platform to make it easier than ever to make sure you are compliant. Our Automated Compliance Engine allows users to see what data points fall outside industry standards within seconds of being captured in the field.

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Accountability is the key to inspection. SPOT leverages technology to add another layer of accountability making it even easier to report and escalate issues as they arise in the field and properly document assets and actions all while following a custom and specific chain of command.

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Keeping track of materials is a challenge. Add to it the need to ship, receive, order and archive thousands of items everyday, and you have a truly daunting task. SPOT uses barcodes, bluetooth and RFID tags to securely and accurately identify your materials and manages the ordering, shipping and receiving processes to help manage both the material and the movement.

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The best way to keep your assets up and running is preventative maintenance. Knowing has and what has not been attended to is a challenge for many businesses. SPOT allows users to create alerts, reminder and scheduled events associated with assets and inspection forms to help ensure your assets stay up and running.

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Project Progress

The greatest threat to any project budget is time. Knowing where your project stands and being made aware the moment you begin falling behind is perhaps one of the most valuable aspects of SPOT’s data visualization.

See your project progress as it happens.

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Quality Control

You have specific requirements and processes that must be considered to ensure your data and materials tracked with SPOT meet client and industry standards. SPOT can set up rules and automation to protect the integrity of your information and assets.

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A first class-safety culture requires first-class safety documentation. At SPOT, we assist your team in making sure your forms and procedures are captured and stored with the appropriate standards. Every record can be summoned at the click of a button, giving you peace of mind in a world of itchy litigation trigger fingers.

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SPOT’s mobile application can be paired with industry leading survey equipment like Trimble and EOS to capture coordinates with centimeter accuracy. GIS matched with SPOT creates a powerful toolset that allows you to host and visualize every aspect of your project.

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Yard Management

Thousands of assets, hundreds of acres and a non-stop flow of materials in and out is a material manager’s nightmare. With SPOT, you can leverage our simple interface to streamline your inventory management and systematically organize your yard with the ability to track assets, orders, shipments and cycle counts, all from the convenience of your existing hand-held hardware.

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