Holistic Data Collection & Management Services


Think of SPOT as the Custodian of Your Corporate Data

We offer end-to-end data collection, tracing and storage services coupled with remote and on-site technical support. Regardless of industry, SPOT builds and maintains a unique information mainframe for collecting, tracking, sorting, analyzing and storing your data — your way.

SPOT’s tool analyzes, summarizes, presents and preserves data integrity in as many forms as you choose; all you do is scan a barcode or input data. Instead of assembling a data management system bit by bit, make SPOT the one-stop shop for your project’s entire life cycle.

Why Choose SPOT as Your Data Management Company?

  • SPOT’s tool is holistic and completely customizable.
  • SPOT identifies errors upon entry, not just at project completion.
  • SPOT provides clients with total data continuity throughout the entire life cycle of a project.
  • Project data is available in real time as soon as it is entered.
  • An exhaustive audit trail is created by recording every input, change and user.
  • 100% compliant with Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHSMA) standards.
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