Accountability is the key to inspection. SPOT leverages technology to add another layer of accountability making it even easier to report and escalate issues as they arise in the field and properly document assets and actions all while following a custom and specific chain of command.


Take advantage of SPOT’s experience by selecting one of our standard inspection forms or let us build a custom smart form with unique logos, workflows and formatting to fit your specific needs.


Improve adoption, security and user experience by limiting what certain people see with user groups. Decide which devices can access which forms, so everyone has what they need, and nothing they don’t. Share new forms across all devices, or choose which devices to make them available to.


Central to SPOT’s success across multiple industries is our ability to deploy our application with minimal training. We pride ourselves on a simple and intuitive interface that allows the most seasoned hands to learn new tricks.


Unlike most alternatives, SPOT lets users start and submit forms offline. As soon as an internet connection is detected, any completed forms will sync automatically.  Life isn’t always sunshine and wifi.


Your data doesn’t mean anything unless it reaches its destination, complete, error-free and verified. SPOT workflows create a digital accountability system to ensure your data is reliable, complete and assigned to the proper team members.


One of the great benefits of digitized inspection form is the immediate return on investment. With usable data available in near real time as opposed to days or weeks, reports and dashboards become more than visual stimulation. Data drives business decisions that can affect the bottom line.

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