Materials Management

Know Where Your Materials Are at All Times

Materials Management

SPOT-On Material Inventory Management

No company can afford to lose track of its valuable materials. That’s why SPOT provides our clients with materials tracking abilities and materials traceability that are unparalleled in the industry. Our system is designed to work like a digital microscope, shining a spotlight on all the assets you’re responsible for tracking.

Our platform allows you to manage an unlimited number of assets or materials assigned to each project. SPOT assigns a unique label to each piece, and digitally tracks its movement throughout the project’s life cycle. You can rely on SPOT’s materials data management services for a comprehensive, accurate inventory and history of every asset.

Keep Every Project on Track

Inventory and asset management is a critical component of any project, regardless of its scope. Each asset represents a monetary value. If it gets lost or goes missing for even a short time, it becomes a financial loss for the project. Lost assets also call into question the quality or safety of the end product. Don’t let lost materials derail your project — or your company’s reputation!

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