Materials and Pipeline Traceability and Inspection Forms


Materials and Pipeline Traceability and Inspection Forms

SPOT’s Traceability Expertise

Accurate, timely traceability is a minimal requirement of the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHSMA). At SPOT, we believe that the best way to ensure traceability is through the use of a legible barcode and a simple, intuitive tracking software application.

SPOT Traceability is a mobile application that sets the stage for materials management, logistics tracking, customized inspection forms, progress tracking, automated workflows and data monitoring. Our software simplifies data collection. It starts tracking materials and pipes before they leave the manufacturer and follows their paths through project completion. The software compiles a continuous stream of data and stores it in a central, secure location that is maintained in the cloud.

Is your project in a location that lacks wi-fi or cellular service? SPOT’s system caches the data while the Internet connection is absent and automatically updates when a connection is restored.

Efficiency and safety are assured through data that is:

  • Traceable — Data is followed on its course or to its origin.
  • Verifiable — Data is demonstrated to be true, accurate or justified.
  • Reliable — Data is consistently good quality and trustworthy.
  • Complete — Data is not lacking any necessary or appropriate parts.

All-Weather Jeepable Barcodes

Prepare to meet the smartest sticker you’ve ever used. Our pre-printed barcodes were expertly designed and tested, and are currently patent-pending. Waterproof, rustproof and sunlight-safe for up to seven years, our jeepable barcodes allow you to begin tracking your materials immediately at the time of purchase so that you start tracing them long before they arrive at the jobsite.

Digital Inspection Forms

The term “touchpoint” refers to the place at which a critical element needs to be captured. Data is made up of many touchpoints. Historically, data has been recorded on paper forms, which still occurs today in some cases. However, this manual form of data collection often results in lost time and duplication of efforts.

To save time, money and manpower, SPOT created a single data stream to help simplify the collection of critical information. SPOT Forms digitizes all forms, including pipeline construction inspection forms and PHSMA inspection forms, used in the field, making them available to field personnel for quick and simple completion. Completed forms are immediately accessible to employees on the ground and in the office.

SPOT Forms offers many benefits, including:

Error Elimination —The use of pick lists, required fields and calculated texts reduces, and in some cases eliminates, the possibility of introducing erroneous data into the system.

Workflow Improvement — SPOT automates the process of moving form submissions through the project workflow. By setting up notifications, both creators and approvers know when something is assigned or rejected.

Handwriting Is History — At best, interpreting handwriting is difficult and at worst, it’s akin to not having any data at all. SPOT Forms eliminates this problem.

Redundancy Reduction — Data captured through written forms rarely finishes in its original format. Even if data is recorded accurately, errors may be introduced during transcription, allowing data to be stored in two or more places. SPOT Forms substantially reduces this problem.

Data Loss Prevention — If the user loses control over a paper document, the data may not reach its final destination and/or compromised data may infect the original record. SPOT Forms prevents data loss.

Filing Made Easier — Manual filing is time-consuming and error-prone and requires ever-increasing physical space. With SPOT, digital forms are automatically indexed and stored, and customized reports are generated at any time.

Common SPOT Use Cases

Our clients are typically involved in upstream and midstream construction, inspection and safety, transmission and distribution, manufacturing, field services and telecommunications within the pipeline, petrochemical, oil and gas, and energy industries. SPOT provides a range of services, including traceability, mobile form applications and logistics, and we offer our clients training, assistance with project setup, field labor, and data and audit support to ensure they reap all the benefits of our platform.

SPOT helps our clients succeed by providing:

  • Real-time access to project and materials information, even in remote locations
  • Tracking and monitoring to document compliance, process and quality
  • A single, robust and secure database for managing data from multiple locations
  • Streamlined, auditable information concerning regulatory compliance
  • A geolocation feature to document GPS project coordinates
  • Organized workflows for improved project management
  • Integration of project data into existing ERP systems

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