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Hitting the High Spots

About SPOT

A Brief History of SPOT

A portfolio company of Jones Capital, Spot was created in 2012 to provide solutions for field data collection within the pipeline construction and materials management sectors. The goal was to close the gap between client requirements and the services that existed at the time, while making data collection faster, easier and more effective.  

The rapid development of technology in the energy industry in general and for handheld devices in particular fueled the need to capture data quickly and accurately. SPOT is the direct result of our leaders recognizing this recurring need for data that others were not meeting well.

We successfully bridged the gap between the available information and the need to collect it quickly and accurately. Since our founding, SPOT has adapted our solutions so that companies in virtually any industry benefit from our data management expertise.

Sharing Our Core Values

Since its 1949 beginning as Jones Lumber Company, the Jones Capital purpose has always been to enhance the lives of employees, vendors, clients and the communities we serve. Although Jones Capital today is comprised of multiple enterprises, we all share the same mission, vision and goals. Our core values hold us accountable to our commitment to one another, the company and our clients.

Our core values are:

  • Integrity — Doing the right thing
  • Passion — Committed to getting the job done
  • Unity — Our team is a family
  • Sustainability — Here for generations to come
  • Humility — Belief in something greater than ourselves

Our data collection, fueling your decisions.

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