Good news: today’s safety post is not about COVID! It’s actually about the beginning of flu season. Yay!

Look, we know the idea of flu season doesn’t sound hopeful or all that funny, but the truth is we think there’s a good reason to look on the bright side. Influenza has been around a lot longer than COVID which means two very important things: (1) We know a lot more about it, and (2) there’s a vaccine that usually proves effective already available.

We won’t dip our toes in the “is the flu or COVID more deadly” debate, but we will say this— we don’t want anyone to take either illness lightly as both can prove deadly in their most severe form. That being said, the prevention plan is simple: Wash your hands, cough or sneeze into your elbow, avoid close contact with those who are exhibiting symptoms, and get your flu shot.

And because 2020 couldn’t possibly get any worse, it is worth noting that, according to Johns Hopkins, you actually can get the flu and COVID simultaneously. Given that the majority of their symptoms are nearly identical, it would be almost impossible to discern one from the other without a test provided by your local doctor.

There is one hypothesis floating around that theorizes the flu season could be less viral this year if people continue to wear masks and social distance as we have all been encouraged to do for the foreseeable future. While that may make the holiday season sound a bit dull and less festive, for those of us with seriously bizarre family members, it may actually make for a merry Christmas after all!

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