Extreme Weather Conditions

To say that last week’s winter weather was extreme would be an understatement. Uncharacteristically frigid temperatures and precipitation brought a once in a lifetime snowglobe-scene to much of the South, primarily in Texas. But like the old adage says, if you don’t like the weather now, wait about five minutes and it’ll change. While warmer air is on the way, the consequences of such harsh conditions can have long lasting effects.

One of the most obvious and talked about consequences was the loss of power. As much as power restoration was needed, at SPOT we prioritized the safety of our clients as well as our own staff. While we are busy on various projects in affected regions, ensuring the safety of those we work with was paramount as we assessed how and when we could proceed to worksites.

One of our newest partners, XTO Energy, recently acknowledged how diligently SPOT has worked to continuously ensure and sustain safety measures on site. Through SPOT’s partnership and combined safety initiatives, XTO has not had any work related injuries on site so far this year. A major milestone for any company is this industry given the natural inherent dangers. We are grateful for their partnership and their trust in us to help keep their personnel safe and their projects productive.

Perhaps the biggest advantages to SPOT’s tools and resources is the very way in which they are incorporated— with as few people as necessary, quickly, and with the most innovative technology available. Most notably, the data that SPOT captures can be translated into visual representation, allowing for a clear understanding of real-time context on the ground. These visuals make it possible for decision-makers to make new or different choices should they feel the need to course-correct.

What continues to set SPOT apart from the competition is how well we have been able to create efficiencies while capturing data, reducing errors and mitigating risks. Historical weather events and other natural anomalies will continue to showcase just how versatile and adaptable SPOT can be to meet the needs of our clients, both on the job site and in the office.

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